Friday, April 8, 2011

The Spring Ride

In Wisconsin we are finally into Spring,  I have been out riding more on trails and outdoor arenas.  Some things to remember when assessing what areas you want to ride in.  Think about how long it has been since you rode your horse.  If like most people it was 3-4 months then your horse may have some excitement in their mind.  I suggest letting your horse have a free run in an arena or round pen.  I typically put my saddle on and let the horse get their "bucks" out.  I always do this with young horses.  The first couple rides should allow your horse to ease back into a workout schedule.  Just like you and I when we do not exercise for awhile our bodies need to get used the exercise.

If you are heading out to the trails make sure they are safe.  With melting snow and heavy rains trails can be unsafe.  Look for areas that may have washed out.  Look at the footing when going up and down hills and ditches.  I walk the trails before I start to trot and run on them.  Fallen trees could be around a corner and cause a diaster before you know it.

The outdoor arena is always a great place to ride in.  Make sure the footing is safe in the arena.  Extra water may alter the depth of the footing.  Drag the arena a few times to move the sand and dirt around to allow thorough drying and distribution of water.  Have a safe ride, enjoy the warm weather and spend some time with your horse.

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