Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introduction and Welcome!

This Blog will feature my views on horse training.  I currently train horses in Southeastern Wisconsin.  I work with a variety of horses and people.  My goal is to bring people and horses together.  Every person that purchases a horse has a desire to use that horse for something.  I make sure that is done safely and as easily as possible.  There will be explanations of techniques used and answers to questions.

Horse Sales!!!  I will also be posting pictures and giving descriptions of a variety of horses that are available for purchase.  I am willing to work with any person when considering the purchase of a horse.

Adventures!!! I will also be giving accounts of things that occur to me while training.  As many of you may know things happen with horses and I will let you know what happens to me.

Take your Horses and Friends to Wedges Creek in Central Wisconsin!

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