Sunday, February 6, 2011

Preparing for the Weather

Today is a nice day where I am right now but tomorrow and the rest of the week will be much colder.  Prepare yourself and your horses for the week to come.  When I know there will be a cold week, wet week, or a busy week, I prepare the facilities.  When the extreme cold comes make a place for your horse to come into away from blowing winds and snow.  Have your water tanks, buckets, and even heated waters ready to go.  If you water by individual buckets have them thawed out with a bucket heater.  If you use a hose keep it drained well and try to bring it into a warmer place when not in use.  If you use a large water tub make sure it is clean and the heater is working properly.   Covering the tub or just a part of it during the coldest hours which are typically at night will save you some trouble of chipping off ice. 

Feed is important when your horse is cold.  Try to have feed easily accessible for yourself and your horse.  This makes it quick and easy for your chores.  Stock up the barn or fill the outside feeders.  Starting up tractors and skid loaders can be difficult in the cold weather.  I know I do not like running around and doing extra work when it is cold.

A simple shelter that blocks the wind from your horse will make life easier for your horse. A lean to shed or a small stall in a shed or barn that gives your horse a break from the wind or rain will benefit your horse.  If you use blankets make sure the blankets are dry and clean to be the most effective for your horse.  STAY WARM and SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOUR HORSE!

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