Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Weather Work

Important information for those of you that like to work their horses in the Winter months.  Make sure that the horse has plenty of fresh water available.  This is also a good practice for yourself when working in colder weather.  Make sure after your horse has been done working that you properly cool the horse off by walking it around.  A cooling blanket is a great thing to have around to wick sweat from your horse's skin. 

If you will be turning your horse out in a paddock with a winter blanket then you should make sure the horse is dry before putting the blanket on.  If you do not use a blanket that is fine too and you need to make sure the horse is dry.  The other caution is that if the horse will be returning to an inside stall make sure the horse is breathing normally.  

When following these simple guidelines you can enjoy time on your mount in the winter.  When waiting for your horse to cool off you can clean a few stalls, get the grain buckets ready, or check and water the animals.

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